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We are a team of lab automation experts offering tailored solutions to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and innovation in your lab!


Your automation concierge to the world of Lab Automation! Building a world-class network of experts to provide end-to-end solutions to vendors and labs.

Strategic Consulting

With a keen eye on the future, we help you devise strategies that are not only effective today but also scalable for tomorrow. From optimizing current operations to guiding major business decisions, our strategic consulting ensures that you're always ahead of the curve of lab automation.

Hardware Design and Engineering

Catering to both laboratories and instrument manufacturers, we specialize in crafting solutions that seamlessly integrate into the unique landscapes of lab automation. Our approach transcends traditional boundaries, offering laboratories innovative, efficiency-driven designs, while equipping manufacturers with the tools to excel in the competitive lab automation market.

Integration Development and Enhancement

Whether it's upgrading systems, providing expert assistance, or analyzing your setup for optimal performance, we are here to ensure your lab operates at its peak. We specialize in seamlessly blending diverse automation systems, developing bespoke software solutions, and ensuring fluid communication between various platforms. Our approach is not just about integration; it's about creating a harmonious ecosystem within your lab that's efficient, responsive, and advanced.

Technology Incubation

At LabSync's Technology Incubator, we are driven by a singular mission: to answer the unmet needs of the lab automation industry with bold, untethered innovation. Our approach is unique, focusing not just on technology but on the visionaries behind it. We believe in thinking big and crazy, yet executing practically and methodically to turn groundbreaking ideas into market-leading solutions.


We believe strongly about collaborating with the greatest minds in the industry to develop the optimal solution to any automation challenge. Our growing network of consultants covers the full spectrum of lab automation with decades of expertise.

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Steve Testen


David Dambman

Principal Consultant

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