Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin is a seasoned leader and strategist whose career is defined by a relentless drive to revolutionize the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industries through pioneering informatics and robotics. His leadership has propelled companies to new heights of efficiency and agility, evident in his transformative contributions at Alkermes, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and many clients around the globe. His rich history in the industry, starting from his roots as a Senior Research Associate, to executive leadership and entrepreneurship, has bestowed him with a rare insight into the nexus of technology and user need. With a strong foundation in chemistry and computer science, Jeff's profound understanding of scientific processes and end-user needs has been instrumental in delivering balanced, functional, and user-centric solutions.

Prior to founding Streamlined Labs, Jeff established the compound management function at Alkermes, elevated throughput from 40 to 50,000 compounds daily, enabled high-throughput screening, drove HTS automation, as well as implemented and developed cutting-edge informatics solutions. At Vertex, he led the Compound Archive group, implemented automation throughout the organization and played a key role evolving informatics solutions. At Biosero, Mr. Martin held a variety of leadership and hands-on technical roles related to all aspects of delivering lab automation solutions globally.

Beyond his technical and business prowess, Jeff's mission extends to nurturing talent and encouraging personal growth, believing in empowering individuals to engender positive global change. He is deeply committed to mentoring, as reflected in his work with peer support organizations and his enthusiasm for leadership and development. His dedication to both innovation and community epitomizes his dual role as a trailblazer in the industry and a catalyst for human potential.

Steve Testen

Steve Testen is a highly accomplished engineer and leader with a proven record of excellence in automation. With over 15 years of engineering experience, he has consistently demonstrated expertise in hardware development and custom engineering projects by designing, implementing, and optimizing automation solutions.

Steve started his career in the aerospace and automotive industries where he developed custom engineering solutions to automate manufacturing, inspection, and R&D processes. His broad experience enabled him to accomplish all aspects of the product life cycle, from scoping, machine design, electrical design and assembly, fabrication, programming, technical documentation, and training.

Steve then joined Biosero, where he designed and integrated innovative automation platforms to accelerate research discovery in the life science industry. He started his tenure there as a Senior Automation Engineer, helping customers directly to achieve their automation dreams. In this role, he conducted mechanical design, developed instrumentation drivers, wrote application methods, and deployed many automation projects for labs, ranging from small instrument-feeding workcells to massive, track-based orchestration platforms. Over the hundreds of workcells he deployed, he encountered instruments covering the full range of Life Science applications and integrated them together utilizing the Green Button Go scheduling software. He was also integral to the development of the first fully integrated mobile robot to enter the life science industry by conducting its initial design, programming, deployment, and then leading its product development. Steve then advanced to the role of Director of Engineering at Biosero, where he led the automation engineering team, developing it into an industry-leading integrator of the most sophisticated laboratory automation platforms in the world.

David Dambman

David Dambman is an influential leader and visionary in the laboratory automation sector, known for his development of the industry-leading Green Button Go Scheduler and Orchestrator software platforms, as well as his pioneering work in autonomous mobile robots for laboratories. Mr. Dambman architected and built some of the largest and most sophisticated automation platforms in the life science industry, spanning discovery R&D, biotech, and diagnostics. His involvement in the design, build, and deployment of hundreds of automated systems worldwide has been instrumental in accelerating the discovery of an array of drugs, therapies, and cures, marking a significant impact on global health and the future of medicine.

During his 12-year tenure at Biosero, Mr. Dambman played a central role in steering the company through remarkable growth, profitability, and innovation. His leadership was integral to the successful 2021 acquisition of Biosero by BICO, numerous partnerships and relationships with industry-leading companies in the EU and APAC, and with cementing Biosero’s reputation as the leader in laboratory automation and orchestration.

Prior to Biosero, Mr. Dambman worked as a software consultant on a number of large software projects in areas such as aircraft maintenance data analysis and visualization, supply chain simulation and optimization, electronic warfare, and automated test equipment. He began his entrepreneurial journey as co-founder of a small music equipment company designing and manufacturing guitar effects pedals and amplifiers.